How To Identify Different Plumbing Noises

The sounds you hear when running the garbage disposal or turning on a faucet can tell you a lot about your plumbing system. If you don't hear anything odd, you more than likely have a quality plumbing system with no major problems. On the other hand, if you hear screeching, banging, or dripping, it is often a sign that you need a professional to take a look. Here are some common sounds and what problem they might be warning you about.

Garbage Disposal Noises

While the garbage disposal will never be silent as it is busy grinding up food debris, there are some sounds that signal a problem. If you suddenly hear excessive noise, humming or vibrations coming out of the disposal when it is operating, it is time to do some investigating. The most common sound to hear when there is a problem with a garbage disposal is the excessive vibration sound.

Heavy vibrating when a disposal is turned on and without contents it is trying to grind up is a sign of a broken impeller. The blades of the impeller might be worn or broken and need to be replaced. Since it is dangerous to check this part of your garbage disposal, it is better to call a professional.

Loud Screeching Sound

Another common plumbing sound is one that you definitely won't miss. If you turn on a faucet in your home and instead of just hearing the calming sound of running water, you hear a loud screeching sound, this is likely due to the fitting. Luckily, it is a relatively easy fix. Turn off the faucet, give it a few seconds, and turn it back on. If it still makes a screeching or chattering sound, turn it off again and check the fittings. These are the plastic or metal pieces that connect the pipes together. If any parts are loose or wearing away, they need to be replaced. A new faucet might also need to be installed.

Whistling Sound in the Bathroom

If you hear a whistling sound when you are in the bathroom, it is likely coming from the fill valve in the toilet. The fill valve is inside the toilet tank and helps to refill the toilet tank and bowl after it is flushed. A whistling or high-pitched sound occurs when the gasket connected to the fill valve is worn and vibrates. This is what is causing the sound. The best thing to do is replace the fill valve, though you may want a professional plumber (like those at Watson Plumbing) to handle this for you.