Four Unfortunate Sounds Your Plumbing System May Be Making

Plumbing sounds can be a source of anxiety or just plain annoying. And if they're waking up the baby, well, that's beyond annoying. You're probably impatient to get to the bottom of the problem so you can get back to bed. Here are four types of sounds you may be hearing in your plumbing system and their possible causes.

  1. Banging sounds. This is one of the more common sounds and, unfortunately, it has several probable causes. The first is water pressure, which you can check yourself with a water pressure gauge from the hardware store. The second is a hot water issue; with steam heat, your steam boiler may be leaking water into the steam pipes, whereas with forced hot water, you may have air in the pipes. The third possibility is that you have a loose pipe banging away at the inside of your wall or crawlspace.
  2. Gurgling sounds. Like the banging sounds discussed above, gurgling may be caused by a steam boiler overflowing into your pipes, especially if it's accompanied by banging. Your plumber can fix this problem and help you prevent its recurrence.
  3. Rumbling sounds. If you're hearing rumbling coming from your water heater, it's most likely a sediment build-up problem. This can be fixed by draining your water heater, which you can either do yourself or hire a plumber for. If you're hearing other strange sounds coming from your water heater, though, turn off the water heater and call a plumber; sometimes boiling sounds are caused by a faulty pressure relief valve, which can cause the unit to explode.
  4. Whooshing sounds. These surreal noises may develop gradually, and may not be as annoying as some of the louder ones. If the whooshing noise is only noticeable when water is running, you may have a problem with buildup inside the pipes themselves. Buildup can change the way the water flows, causing it to eddy inside the pipes and push against itself before finally escaping out the end of the pipe. This most frequently occurs with metal pipes and is not seen as a big problem. Ask your plumber about possible solutions if you're concerned.

These four sounds are some of the more common plumbing noises, so if you have one of these issues, never fear; you're not alone! Your professional plumber has dealt with each of these issues many times and can easily help you develop a solution. 

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