How To Avoid Broken Sprinkler Heads

If you're sick of replacing broken sprinkler heads, you want to learn about all the things you can do to prevent them from breaking. The tips in this article will provide you with the information you need to help your sprinkler heads last as long as possible.

Restrict access to parking areas near the sprinklers

If you have sprinkler heads near the areas where cars park, you want to rearrange the parking arrangements in your yard. If it's not possible to park in other areas, then you should make it obvious that sprinklers are there. Putting up a small decorative fence will help in this situation.

Check the water pressure

If your water pressure is too high, it can break your sprinkler heads. If you feel your water pressure is too high, call your water company. They can test the pressure and put a regulator in place to correct the issue. Along with broken sprinkler heads, some other signs your water pressure may be too high include leaking pipes and higher than normal water bills.

Protect the sprinkler heads from children at play

Children running over the sprinkler heads can cause them to break. A good way to let children know where the sprinklers are is to plant a circle of flowers around the sprinklers. Let the children know to stay off the flowers. You can also put up other things to alert them to the whereabouts of the sprinklers, such as small flag sticks or encase them in some chicken wire.

Be careful with heavy equipment

Anything heavy that goes through your yard can damage the sprinklers. Wheelbarrows, gas powered generators and furniture dollies are a few examples. If any of these types of things are going to be used in the yard, you should inform the person using them of where the sprinklers are located and make a safe path for them to take through the yard.

Use a weed eater around the sprinklers instead of mowing

It can be difficult to steer a lawn mower around all the sprinkler heads in your yard, especially if you have let your grass get a little too tall and you can't really see the sprinklers. Running over a sprinkler with the mower can easily break it. You should use a weed eater around the sprinklers before you mow the lawn. This way, you will be able to see them clearly and you won't need to get the mower close to them.

If you break a sprinkler, you should have a plumber, like those at Trenchless Pipe Technologies, come out and fix it right away.