Important Things to Check before Calling Your HVAC Repair Company

As summer wears on, has your company's building become increasingly warm? Are you concerned that your HVAC unit may be on its last leg? While replacement may be on the horizon, chances are that it simply needs to be fixed. Here are some things to check before contacting your HVAC repair company:

Dirty filter: If you are located in a climate that has gotten extra dry and dusty this summer or has a lot of summer pollinating plants, your air filter may fill up faster than usual. Although you may have purchased an air filter that claims to last for a month or even longer, reading the fine print would reveal that this is an average and not a set time frame. When your filter starts to get clogged, your HVAC system will need to work harder in order to keep the air flowing. In addition, some HVAC units may have multiple filters, depending on how large your building is. If your business has only recently moved into the building this year, you may have only found and changed one filter, leaving the others to become dirty and clogged. A HVAC repair technician can assist you with locating and replacing any other filters in your building.

Broken thermostat: Before contacting your HVAC repair company, it can be useful to see if your thermostat is actually working. Most modern thermostats have a digital readout that shows two temperatures: the current air temperature and the temperature that the system is set to. Setting up an independent thermometer near the thermostat can show whether or not the current air temperature is being displayed correctly. If the thermostat was set up near an air vent, it may not actually be broken. Instead, the cooler air blowing on it from the HVAC system may be causing it to shut off prematurely. By setting up two or more thermometers in the area, you can find out if the thermostat is being cooled down more quickly than the rest of your building.

Improperly balanced dampers: This can be a difficult one to diagnose, unless your HVAC repair technician does a complete audit of your system. When you moved into the building, you may have had some remodeling performed. Perhaps an office was too large and you partitioned it off into two or more smaller offices. Maybe you needed a bigger meeting room and had several walls knocked down to create it. All of these remodeling efforts changed the way that air will flow through your building. However, your HVAC unit was likely installed with the original floor plan in mind. A professional may need to redo some of your duct work, but will be able to get the air flowing comfortably once again.

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