3 DIY Plumbing Tips For The Average Homeowner

When it comes to things like burst pipes and leaking water heaters, calling a plumber is probably a good idea. Yet there are a seemingly endless supply of less dire scenarios that may not require professional intervention--if you know to fix them yourself, that is. If you would like to learn more about DIY plumbing, read on. This article will offer three easy, helpful tips.

Employ foam spray to mute excessively loud sinks.

People with stainless steel sinks in their kitchen often find themselves exasperated by the loud, booming noises they produce. You're most likely to suffer from this annoyance if you happen to have two such sinks side-by-side. In that case, it often seems as if those two basins are acting to amplify each other's vibrations.

Luckily, all it takes to effectively eliminate this problem is a can or two of spray foam. Use enough of this expanding substance to completely fill the void space between the two sink basins. Then, once the foam has hardened, simply trim away excess portions with a hobby knife. This should be all it takes to mute that unwanted booming.

Prevent sprayer hose tangles using foam pipe insulation.

Sink sprayers are another common cause of woe where kitchen sinks are concerned. One of the most frustrating things about them is their tendency to become hooked on the water valves located beneath the sink. If you've ever gone to pull your sprayer out and it wouldn't budge, this was probably the cause of the problem.

All it takes to make retracting your sprayer hose as smooth as butter is an appropriately sized piece of foam pipe insulation. Look for the variety with a pre-cut slit down one side. Then wrap the insulation around the water pipes under the sink, taking care to cover those pesky shut-off valves. Now your hose won't have anything to get stuck on!

Use felt stripping to quell creaky water pipes.

The hot water pipes leading from your water heater to the various points of your home are most commonly made out of copper. And unfortunately, copper tends to expand when it becomes heated. This can cause all sorts of annoying sounds as the copper pipes expand outward against their metal pipe hangers.

The good news is that you can keep your pipes from making such a fuss with little more than a roll of felt stripping--preferably the kind with adhesive on one side. Then all you have to do is remove the pipe hangers, wrap the corresponding section of pipe with felt, and reattach the hangers. Now the expanding pipe will be cushioned by a nice, soundless layer of felt.

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