3 Quick Fixes For Repairing Your Clogged Sink

Has your bathroom sink clogged up on you? If so, and you are one who enjoys fixing things on your own, then you may want to consider a few at-home plumbing solutions. There are a few great methods to unclogging your sink, and you may even have the items needed to unclog your sink in your household already, which can save you from making a trip to the store or having to spend money on special tools. So, if your bathroom sink is clogged, consider the following methods:

A Wire Clothes Hanger:

Are you one who shaves, brushes your hair, and even cuts your hair over your bathroom sink? If you are, then hair is constantly falling into your sink. Hair can build up in your sink pipes, which can turn into a very thick layer and prevent water from passing through. A great solution to fixing this problem on your own is to use a wire clothes hanger. A wire clothes hanger is very flexible, allowing you to insert it into your sink and break apart the hair layer down in your sink. Not only can you push the hair layer apart, but if you curl the end of your wire hanger properly, you could pull the hair out by using the hook end as sort of a fishing-like maneuver. 

Remove The Sinks Siphon:

Underneath your sink are visible plumbing pipes, which sometimes may be hidden underneath your sink's cabinets. These pipes contain a siphon, which is a reservoir that prevents physical items from actually entering your home's plumbing system. Removing your siphon with a wrench will allow you to quickly find any item that may be blocking your sink, which you can then quickly remove.

Clean The Pipes Using Baking Soda:

A lot of soap and toothpaste likely wash into your sink on a daily basis and these things can products up in your sink and block the water flow from traveling into the sink pipes. This can easily be the reason why your bathroom sink is backed up, which is why you will want to have your pipes cleaned off. A great, fast, and effective way to clean your bathroom sink is to use baking soda. Adding baking soda down into your sink and letting it sit for a while will allow your cleaning products to break down and be lifted from the surface of the plumbing pipes. This can provide more efficient water flow, so your sink can won't get backed up when the faucet is running for an extended period of time.

Trying one of these solutions may surprise you, as it may be easier than using high-quality plumbing tools. Not only can it be easier, but you may be able to unclog your sink faster than you think, which can be very convenient. So, rather than spend hours trying to use a plunger or plumbing snake, consider these solutions to help fix your problem. If these don't work, call a plumber for professional help.