3 Tips To Help With Your Pool Closing This Year To Prepare For Spring

With the summer coming to an end and the kids back in school, it is going to be time to close the pool soon. When you close your pool, you will want to prepare for next spring. You may want to shock the water one last time, do some of the last minute repairs and winterize your pool for the cold months to come. Here are some tips to help you with closing your pool to making opening it in spring a little easier:

1. Shocking The Water And Getting The pH Right Before Closing Time

It is important to shock the water for your pool, which is the process of temporarily raising the chlorine levels to kill off any organisms that can thrive in water. This is something that needs to be done when you open the pool and after heavy use. Before it is time to close your pool, you may want to shock the pool one last time to ensure the water is perfect before you close it for the winter months and keep problems like algae growth under control.

2. Repairing Equipment And Leaks During The Closing Of Your Pool

Over the summer months, the pool equipment is under constant stress due to daily use and chemical treatments. This can naturally lead to problems like worn out pipes, cracks in equipment and other issues with wear of your pool. To make sure these problems do not grow over the winter months, pool closing is a great time to inspect the pool for some of this issues and have them repaired before you close your pool for this year.

3. Winterizing Water And Pool Equipment To Prevent Problems With Freezing

Another improvement that you may want to consider for your pool for the winter months is installing pool equipment and upgrades. In addition, you may want to treat the water to prevent it from freezing during the winter months if you do not plan on draining it completely. This will not only prevent freezing of water in equipment that can cause damage, you may also want to consider

These are some tips to help you with closing your pool and make opening a simple task. If you need help with the closing of your pool, contact a plumbing repair service (like Steve's Plumbing & Heating) to help with some of the repairs to the plumbing of your pool to prepare for the winter months.