You Can Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are annoying. Sometimes they just seem to pop up out of nowhere. However, they don't just magically show up with no cause in your house. No matter how clean you keep your house, you may still end up with fruit flies. If you do, what can you do to get rid of them?

Check for Sources

The first thing you need to do is to check for the source of the fruit flies. There may be some piece of fruit or vegetable that may have fallen back somewhere that you missed or a piece of fruit that you bought that is starting to go bad that you haven't noticed. If you've eliminated those sources, you want to start looking at your kitchen sink. Fruit flies often breed in your kitchen sink's pipes. That's because stuff builds up on the side of the pipes. Grease, food particles, and other material can build up both directly under the drain and also throughout your entire pipe. The flies can get a foothold in the pipes and start breeding there. If they are in your pipes, there are things that you can do to help get rid of them. 

Boiling Water and Vinegar

One way you can get rid of fruit flies is to pour a mixture of boiling water and vinegar down the sink. The mix should be half and half vinegar and boiling water. Do that daily until the fruit flies are gone, and once they are gone, you can do that weekly in order to help prevent the flies from coming back. You probably want to use white or apple cider vinegar for this purpose. The apple cider vinegar might leave your kitchen smelling better than using white vinegar would. 


If using boiling water and vinegar or any other home remedies you try don't get rid of the flies for good, you may have to go to a professional such as Two Men And A Snake. The plumber can come in and clean out your pipes for you. They will clean out the buildup on the sides of your pipes, which will get rid of the habitat for the flies. An added side benefit of having the plumber clean out your pipes for you is that your drain will work better because the pipes are going to be more open. 

If you have fruit flies, it can be frustrating to try to get rid of them. There are things you can do to fight them.