Got A Frozen Air Unit? Try These Quick And Simple Solutions

Just when you need your air conditioning the most, your home's central air unit decides to glaze over with ice and is no longer providing you with cool air at all. Even though a frozen air conditioner can be frustrating to say the least, this problem is actually one of the most common ones, especially if your central air unit is a bit older. Even though an HVAC technician will be happy to help you out, you may be able to handle the issue on your own. Before you call up an HVAC technician, you should try these quick and simple solutions.

Shut off the air unit and allow everything to thaw out.

If you have an older central air unit, air flow can be lacking simply due to the age of the motor and its inability to circulate warm air through the system as it should. This lack of warm air flow can cause the condensation from the condenser of the unit to freeze. Therefore, in some cases, all that may be necessary to get your system back up and running is to give the system a break for a while to allow it to thaw out. Unfortunately, if you see this issue often, it is a good indication that replacement of your system is in your immediate future.

Change the filter on your central air unit.

Once your central air unit has thawed, remove the filter from your system and see if it is clogged with dust and debris. If it is, there is a good chance that this is the root of the problem. Warm air is withdrawn through the air filter to supply a steady flow of warm air, which again, keeps condensation from forming into ice as it is expelled from the condenser. If the filter is clogged, it is impossible for the air system to "breathe" in enough warm air to prevent frost.

Clear clutter around the inside of the air unit.

Because central air units consist of an exterior unit and an interior unit that houses the condenser and other pertinent components, the interior unit often gets tucked away in a closet, in the basement, or even in the attic. If the area around the interior unit is crowded in such a way that warm air is not able to get through, you could see the unit start to glaze over. Simply clear the area of any clutter to see if this helps prevent the problem.

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