4 Warning Signs Your Septic System Needs Cleaning

You may not think of your septic tank that often until you have a problem. This is sure to draw your attention to it, and dealing with this situation is certain to foremost on your mind. There are certain warning signs that can alert you to the fact that something needs to be done to your septic tank. Knowing what these are can be extremely helpful to you at all times.

Sign #1: Foul odors

If you step outside of your home and smell a strange odor, you may be more than a bit dismayed.  In fact, this could be one of the first signs you notice that indicates your septic system needs cleaning.

This is because the septic system houses all of the water from drains, toilets, and any other plumbing areas in your home. When it gets backed up, you may smell a foul odor outside of your house.

Sign #2: Pooling water

Stepping outside into a pool of water when it hasn't been raining can be a bit scary. However, this is common if your septic system is in need of a cleaning.

Pooling water is a sign that your septic tank is full and should be emptied.

Sign #3: Slow drains

Dealing with drains that seem to take forever to become clear and easily are clogged is a definite red flag that your septic system needs some professional assistance. Waiting forever for your water to go down the drain can be a frustrating situation to deal with any time of the day, and you will want to get this issue addressed.

Sign #4:  Spots of green grass

You may notice that some areas of your lawn look a bit greener than others. In fact, there could be spots that are incredibly lush that stand out from the rest of your yard.

The reason this happens is because liquid from your septic tank is rising way too quickly, indicating that it is due to be cleaned.

Being able to have water in your home and enjoy the many things it can help you do is ideal. This will require you to have a septic tank that works properly. If you notice any of the telltale signs listed above, you should rely on a professional plumber to assist you. Be sure to schedule a visit to your home to get your septic system fully cleaned today. For more information, contact a company like B & B Drain Tech Inc.