Tips to Turn Your Portable Restroom Posh for Your Party or Event

A portable restroom is the perfect way to add convenience for your guests during a party or event for which you expect a crowd. Instead of watching your friends and family line up to use your bathroom, rent a portable toilet or two to accommodate your guests. Give your portable restroom a quick, posh makeover with a few simple suggestions to create a bathroom facility worthy of your party.

Some ways to turn your portable restroom posh for your event include the following.

The smell. Treat guests to a pleasant fragrance when they enter your portable restroom. There are numerous air fresheners and sanitizing systems that can be used, but a simple bouquet of fresh herbs—such as thyme, rosemary, and sage—can give the toilet a fresh scent without the overpowering perfume of many products. Tie a bunch of fresh herbs together and display them in a vase or hang them in the restroom. Replace the herbs when they become wilted or begin to dry-out.

The location. Don't make guests ask where your restroom is; create a colorful and tasteful sign that points guests to the toilets. It makes sense to park the toilets near the venue, but you don't want them to be an eyesore. Consider tucking the restrooms near the parking area, if possible, so that guests will see the location when they arrive at your event.

The appearance. A plain porta-potty might be an eyesore if it is plopped down in the middle of your venue. Prevent this with thoughtful placement and a few decorative touches to improve the toilet's curb appeal. One quick and inexpensive idea is to add potted plants around the perimeter of the restroom; this will also help conceal the trailer that it could be resting on.

The amenities. Check the restroom frequently to ensure there are plenty of paper products, hand sanitizer, and even fragrant lotion for guests visiting the facility. The restroom likely has a mirror and possibly a sink, so make the most of this by adding some high-end toiletries for guests to sample. You might want to bring in a TV tray or small table to hold these items stylishly.

The mood. Bring a light element to your restroom by piping in music or the sounds of nature for your guests. This is especially impactful when you are using the toilet in a remote or natural setting. Guests will love the sound of birds, water, or music when visiting the restroom, and this can easily be done with a wireless speaker or an old CD player.

A portable restroom doesn't have to seem industrial or boring; add a few personal touches to transform it into a posh place for guests to reapply makeup and refresh themselves. Talk with vendors such as AAA Pumping Service about renting these facilities at your next bash!