Smart Kitchen Faucets: Why You May Never Have Another Leak Again

So many "smart home" products are now available that you could, essentially, have an almost fully automated home. One of these products, smart kitchen faucets, can be added to your home right now. You will need a plumber's help, as it is not just a matter of swapping out faucets and connecting plumbing. Some electrical connections need to be made too. However, you should never encounter another leak or water overflow problem again. Here is why.

Hand Pass Turn on/off Switch

No additional handles for turning water on and off are necessary. There is a motion-detecting spot on the tops of these faucets that immediately activates for a few seconds of washing and then deactivates itself. Your plumber can set this faucet to hot or cold. Some of the more advanced models allow you to set the temperature using your smartphone or mobile device, and remotely control the on/off feature of the faucet as well. If you need to keep the water on for longer than a few seconds (e.g., for filling a pot with water for cooking), then you can hold one hand over the motion sensor on the faucet until you have all the water you need. By using this type of faucet, you prevent the waste of water and energy that is common to running faucets with every daily task.

No Leaks

Because the smart faucets do not operate in the same screw valve release mechanism as standard faucets, there is less (no!) room for trickles of water to get by the faucet. No trickling or dripping water when the faucet turns off means no wasted water, not even a drop. No leaks means no repairs are ever needed either.

No Overflows

It happens. You turn on the faucet, let it run to get the temperature you want, get distracted and then all of a sudden you have water flooding over the edge of the kitchen sink and onto the floor. The smart faucets rely on motion or the absence of light to keep flowing, which means that the minute you move your hand away from the faucet, the faucet stops completely. No water flowing, not even drips or trickles, means that you will never experience another overflow accident again. With no leaks, drips, trickles, overflow, or related issues and the means to also control some faucet models with a smartphone, you only need your plumber to install this faucet and let you get back to all of your daily chores.

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