Things You Can Do To Avoid A Preventable Sink Problem

You might use your bathroom sink countless times per day without really thinking about it, but it's possible that your interactions with your sink could be putting you on the road to dealing with a plumbing problem, especially clogs. While your local plumber can figure out the exact nature of the issue — if it's not already apparent to you — and fix it in a timely manner, you might be annoyed if you learn that the issue was largely preventable. The good news is that by making some minor changes to how you use the sink, you can often reduce or eliminate the risk of clogs occurring. Here are some suggestions.

Close The Stopper When You Brush Your Hair

If you stand at the sink to brush your hair, you might notice a handful of hair strands in the sink by the time you finish the job and rinse them down the drain without thinking. Over time, this build up of hair can lead to a blockage in the drain pipes. At minimum, the hair should slow down the sink's ability to drain, but you might also reach a point where the sink backs up and makes a mess. The simple solution is to close the sink stopper when you brush. Then, you can gather the loose stands of hair and put them in the garbage.

Keep The Stopper Shut When You Have Kids

When you have children, they often carry small toys around the house with them. When they stop to use the bathroom, the kids might set their toy on the edge of the sink, and the toy could slide down the sink and into the drain. Children won't always report such issues to their parents, which means that there could be a significant sink blockage without your knowledge. You can reduce the risk of such issues by keeping the sink stopper closed when it's not in use.

Change How You Use Oily Products

If you use creams, oils and other hygiene products that have a slick feeling, you don't really want to wash them down the drain. Over time, the oil can coat the inside of the drain pipes and increase the risk of clogs. Instead of washing your face with a facecloth and rinsing it out in the sink, use a disposable wipe to remove the bulk of the facial product. You can toss the wipe in the garbage, and then wash your face with your facecloth.

If you're still having trouble with clogs in your bathroom sink, contact a plumber like Rapid Rooter Of Central Oregon for assistance.