Answering Three Common Questions About Ductless Air Conditioning

Adding an air conditioning system to your home can be one of the more effective ways of improving the comfort of your house. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that will overlook the option of installing a ductless air conditioning system. To help you avoid making this oversight, you should consider these commonly asked questions and answers about ductless air conditioning systems so that you are better informed about this option.

Are Ductless Systems Difficult To Install?

Duct air conditioning systems can be difficult to install due to the need to run ducting throughout the home. And for those with particularly small houses, this may not be a viable option. Fortunately, ductless air conditioning systems avoid this problem by using a thin tubing to transport the cool air into the home.

Will A Ductless Air Conditioning System Be Efficient?

Some homeowners may be concerned about the energy efficiency of ductless air conditioning systems. Yet, it should be noted that these systems can potentially be more energy efficient than central air systems. This is due to the fact that these systems cool individual rooms. As a result, you will be able to easily turn off the air conditioning in unoccupied areas of the home without impacting your overall comfort. While these systems may be more expensive to install due to the fact that one will need to be in each major room, the energy savings can help to offset this higher initial cost.

How Will You Maintain These Systems?

One of the more important steps for ensuring that you are getting the most from your air conditioning system is to properly maintain it. Typically, this will involve regularly cleaning the exterior units. These units can become rather dirty, and cleaning them will prevent the air intake vents from becoming too clogged to function. In addition to these regular cleanings, you should contact an experienced air conditioning technician to service the system each year. An air conditioning system can experience significant mechanical wear and tear over the course of a year, but having it professionally serviced will repair much of this damage before it is able to result in serious malfunctions.

When you are considering adding an air conditioning system to your home, it is important for you to be as informed as possible when it comes to the various options that are available. By understanding that ductless air conditioning systems can be viable options for those with limited space, that these systems can be highly efficient, and knowing their maintenance needs, you will find yourself better positioned to get the most from this investment in your home.

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