Three Signs That You May Have A Heat Pump Problem With Your HVAC

One of the biggest problems that can happen with your air conditioning system is a faulty heat pump. This is a critical component of an HVAC system because it is responsible for the intake of the warm air and pumping it through the coolant. The following are a few signs that you may have a heat pump that is broken or breaking down.

Low air flow from the ducts

This is a classic problem with a faulty heating pump. It is a simple case that the pump can no longer process the same amount of air it has in the past. Often you will notice that the air is cold, but there is not as much of it as there has been in the past. Lower air flow will result in your AC unit taking longer to cool your home.

Air is not cold or won't shut off

If the air flow is fine, but the air is not cold, this can be a problem with the refrigerant, but it is just as likely to be the heat pump. When this pump is not working properly, it may not be moving through the coolant. Likewise, if your AC unit will not turn off, it may be a malfunctioning heat pump, but there are other possibilities, such as the thermostat.

Noise from the AC unit

Although this noise may not be the heat pump, it is the most likely suspect as there are not too many moving parts that will make a lot of noise. If the only problem that you are experiencing is a noise, you still need to call a technician. It is possible that your heat pump has a problem. On the other hand, it may only be a moving part that needs some lubrication, but it is better to call now rather than wait until the problem develops into something more serious.

Although it is possible that a technician may be able to repair a heat pump that is not operating in peak condition, it often needs to be replaced. Keep in mind that today's heat pumps are likely more efficient than the original pump in your AC system, especially if your system is old. Make sure you have your AC unit diagnosed by a technician familiar with the brand and model you have. If the problem is the heat pump, a modern, efficient pump that is compatible with your AC unit can be recommended by a professional technician from a company like All American Plumbing & Heating.