Why Are Bubbles Coming From Your Drain?

Nothing should ever come out of your sink's drain, so even seeing something like bubbles coming out of it can be confusing and alarming. Worse still, these bubbles may smell very bad, like rotten eggs. If you're going through this problem and don't know what to do about it, then read this guide to discover what's behind the bubbles and how you can get help.

Partial Clog

One of the most common causes of sink bubbles is a partial drain clog somewhere in the pipes leading away from the sink. Your drain may have enough clearance for water to drain out through the pipe, but the partial clog is still there and may be enough to slow things down. However, the real problem lies in the clog itself.

Breakdown of Gases

If organic material like food particles make up some or all of the clog in your pipes, then it's likely that they're starting to break down and rot. Yes, that's gross, but it also explains the bad smell and the bubbles that you're seeing. This is essentially gas rising up from the clog as it continues to break down. The gas is likely lighter than water, so it rises instead of going further down the pipe and out to the sewer line. As a result, you can expect these bubbles to come up whenever you use the sink, but the smell may be a constant, as the gases will continue to rise out of the drain even when nothing is draining through it.

What to Do

In this instance, the very best thing you can do is to call a plumber to have your drains cleaned. Plumbers can get this job done quickly and efficiently, and without using toxic drain cleaners that are sold in stores. After examining the problem and locating the clog, your plumber will either run a mechanical snake down the drain to break up the clog (if it's in reach) or use hydro jetting to break it up. Hydro jetting uses a highly-powered stream of water to blast away clogs and push them down the pipe to the sewer line, where they'll wash out the sewer and won't cause problems for you anymore.

This is the kind of problem where you can either get help right away or ignore it. If you do ignore it, the clog is likely to only get worse and you may end up with a full drain blockage at some point. Why go through that hassle and headache, though? Call a plumber today and get your clog gone so that the smell and bubbles are a thing of the past.

To learn more, contact a drain cleaning service in your area.