3 Pros And Cons Of A Tankless Gas Water Heater

Water heater models can be divided according to whether the unit has a tank for storage or not and the type of fuel that powers the unit. Understanding these factors for a water heater can help identify the best unit for your needs. Tankless gas water heaters have particular pros and cons that can help steer your decision. If you have more questions, you can contact a water heater installation company. [Read More]

2 Potential Causes Of A Basement Water Leak You Can't Trace Back To A Supply Line

If you notice pooling water in your basement and haven't experienced heavy rains that could cause flooding, your first instinct will be to check to make sure one of the water supply lines isn't leaking. But if you can't trace the water back to a supply line source, there are a couple other potential causes. If you have a flat basement floor, you'll likely be able to easily identify where the water is coming from. [Read More]

2 Unusual Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Cleaning Or Replacing

Water heaters are designed to offset a great deal of sediment and minerals in the water before any problems start occurring. The tank contains an anode rod that attracts these particles like a magnet to keep the minerals from settling along the walls of the tank and potentially causing erosion. But the rod will eventually become overloaded, leaving the sediment free to float in the tank. You should ideally drain your tank once a year and check the anode rod's health during that draining. [Read More]

Three Signs That You May Have A Heat Pump Problem With Your HVAC

One of the biggest problems that can happen with your air conditioning system is a faulty heat pump. This is a critical component of an HVAC system because it is responsible for the intake of the warm air and pumping it through the coolant. The following are a few signs that you may have a heat pump that is broken or breaking down. Low air flow from the ducts This is a classic problem with a faulty heating pump. [Read More]