Bacterial Balance And Your Septic System

Your septic system is more than a drain line, tank, and a field. It is also a rich ecosystem that must stay in balance for the system to work properly. Importance of Bacterial Balance Bacteria play a vital role in your home's septic tank. The sludge in the tank is occupied by a vast colony of helpful bacteria and enzymes that help break down the waste and sludge to the tank into effluent. [Read More]

3 Post-Installation Septic Tank Services Your System Will Need

Cost-effectiveness and being environmentally-friendly are some top advantages of having a septic tank system. That said, installing the system is only the first step towards enjoying these benefits. By using post-installation septic tank services, you can look forward to getting the most out of your system. What are these septic tank services, and why do you need them? Here is a brief walk-through of these services. 1. Guide on the Do's and Don'ts of Everyday Use [Read More]