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Abe Reyes

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Abe’s determined, tenacious attitude comes from a bloodline of chefs and restaurateurs all working in recognized Michelin restaurants. Coming from the service industry, Abe understands the value of white-glove service combined with his pragmatic negotiation skills picked up from business school. He is ambitious and persistent. During his career, Abe has picked up on creative strategic marketing, to help sellers, buyers, and investors achieve their long-lasting endeavors with healthy profit margins.
Specializing in acquisitions, luxury co-ops, condos, townhouses and new development, Abe’s analytical mind can see how the real estate market reacts to economic activity with financial markets, and market trends. He utilizes his bilingual fluency in English & Spanish to advocate fiercely on behalf of his clients in the art of negotiation. Every day he strives to be one step ahead of the competition to surpass expectations.
As the quintessential world-class agent, he strives to be, Abe is an avid traveler and has a profound passion for world culture. He spends his spare time enjoying sparring in the boxing ring and competing in soccer tournaments. Abound from all the competitiveness, his roots have him going back to restaurants to enjoy his passion for wine and food.

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The Slater Team’s approach has led to the representation of a discerning clientele including international CEOs, celebrities, royalty, institutional investors, and entrepreneurs. Their ability to outperform the competition has been proven by record-setting sales.
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