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Slater Team Family,
This week’s Friday email will not highlight any real estate. No new listings, no in-contract sales, no market data. We have to step back and realize there is something much more important to talk about and to do.
I have spent the past week listening and learning, watching and helping, marching and donating. I haven’t been ultra vocal about it on social media; I don’t have much of a digital “platform” to leverage there, but I do have you all, my friends, clients, colleagues, and followers. And I want to take this week’s email to do my very little part and urge you to do the same.
The tragic and criminal death of George Floyd is gut-wrenching to watch and read about, and the ongoing protests that have arisen because of it are nothing short of inspiring and incredibly moving. But he is only one of thousands; today is Breonna Taylor’s birthday, Ahmaud Arbery’s name is being shouted throughout the world on the streets-- the list goes on and on. Police brutality, entrenched racism, and systemic inequality have been American realities that don’t need to be. Now is the time to listen up, to engage with your immediate community, and to challenge yourself and your sphere to be anti-racist. 
Donate. Read a book. Watch a challenging documentaryPick up the phone. Support minority-owned business.
I consider myself very lucky and privileged to have been a part of moving conversations, challenging back and forth, and to participate in and witness the peaceful protests in New York this week. And yes, almost wholly, they are peaceful. It has pushed me to look inwardly and think hard about how in my everyday life, how at Slater Team, how at work and in personal spheres I can push the world in the right direction and the fight for justice and equality. And I pledge that I will, and my team will, not be quiet and we will stand with the movement.
A little something just to start. Today and throughout the next week, I and Slater Team will match any donation for up to a total of $5,000 to any of the following charities:
  1. ACLU
  2. Equal Justice Initiative
  3. National Bail Out
  4. Black Lives Matter
  5. Color of Change
  6. Black Visions Collective
  7. LGBTQ Freedom Fund (it is Pride month, after all!)
  8. Campaign Zero
  9. NAACP Legal Defense Fund
  10. Reclaim the Block
All you have to do is email me (, text me (646.645.8192), or DM me (@ianslater or @slaterteam) to show me your receipt and I’ll match it immediately. If there’s a charity you feel is important and you want to donate to them, speak up and I’ll gladly match it. 
#blacklivesmatter #normalizeequality
Ian Slater

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