Who Needs Europe in the Summer?


By Ian Slater | May 4th, 2020
Today’s blog is a more personal thought! I wanted to share with my readers something potentially uplifting… 
I am in New York for two days right now, arrived yesterday and leaving again this afternoon or evening. I am here for the following reasons:
  • Final walk through of an apartment in contract that will close on Wednesday, smoothly!
  • Isolated walk through of three new listings that I will be listing in June, along with the remainder of our Coming Soon portfolio that we have been holding back during the pandemic
  • Two virtual showings of our West Village townhouse listing
  • Virtual walk throughs and showings of our new development at 570 Broome

These things in themself are exciting as they show signs of normalcy and interest in the market-- people listing, people wanting to buy or rent, and things smoothly closing!
But what has been really awesome is the vibe of New York right now. With the weather becoming more and more summer-like, reaching almost 80 degrees yesterday, the city has taken on an almost Italian vibe. People are out on the streets in masks and quite far from one another, but they’re dawdling slowly, not with their heads in their phones, not in any real rush to get anywhere. They’re biking (with gloves on) down streets. They’re getting take-out cocktails from restaurants bravely staying open. They’re playing chess and drinking wine on their front stoops. They’re chatting with their neighbors from balcony to balcony. There’s an amazing sense of not-being-in-a-rush-to-do-anything, and in all honesty it’s so refreshing and uplifting! 
I have to be honest- I was worried for a brief moment about NYC- but the energy and conviviality of the city is alive and well. The rush, the hurriedness, the distractions will all come back...but for now, it’s going to be great to enjoy the very relaxing atmosphere through the spring and summer.
Oh, and did I mention how clear the skies are and how stunning the trees and flowers are?

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